Creating the visual narrative

At the heart of every visual work of art – such as a painting, photograph or

illustration – is a story made of light and composition.


Proper lighting sets the mood, creates depth and establishes a visual narrative.


Effective composition, which is the placement of objects or subjects within a

frame, should tell a story, highlighting objects or subjects in a way that guides the

viewer's eye into a scene.

Exceptional architectural and interiors photography

Lighting and composition are also the key elements of architectural and interiors



When these elements are in play, all at once, our senses, including smell, taste,

hearing and touch, are taken over by the image. Even memory is affected when

a visual creation is at its finest.


Regarded as a “master of lighting,” Robert is an architectural and

interiors photographer with strong compositional skills and a creative eye.

C. Robert Estrada in Los Angeles, CA on Houzz
Remodeling and Home Design

Captivate your audience

Robert aesthetically shapes and controls light to produce images that feel natural

and evoke emotion. We invite you to take a look at the before-and-after photos

and experience the stories being told through composition and light.

All Images © Robert Morning Photography 2019